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Introducing…Now. Paper Goods

What exactly is Now. Paper Goods? Picture this: the coolest stickers, note paper, cards, pretty stationery, gift wrap and wall art, all available instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means no waiting for shipping, no worrying about goods getting damaged or lost in the post and no rushing to the store at the last minute. If you’ve got a printer (a desktop printer at home is totally fine) and a pack of printer friendly paper, card or sticker paper, then with Now. Paper Goods you’ve got an array of ‘instant’ stationery right at your disposal. And to top it off, your favourite products will never run out. Once you’ve got your digital files, your supply of favourite note paper, planner sheets, stickers or cards can be re-filled (or updated) with just a click of the mouse. You can print what you need, when you need it, minimising waste. And the only thing you need to ‘stash’ are your digital files!

Print all your favourites, right when you want them

Now. Paper Goods printable stationery is the perfect solution when you need stationery at short notice. For example: It’s a Sunday, you’ve been busy all week, there’s a party in a couple of hours and you haven’t had time to organise a card or wrapping for the gift. So you jump online. You download a Now. Paper Goods card, gift tags and wrapping accessories, print them out, cut out the ones you need and in no time at all you’ve created your own gorgeous gift wrapping!

Pretty stationery - gorgeous printable gift wrapping sets

Or, maybe you’re scrolling through your favourite stylists Instagram feed, when suddenly you feel inspired to give your own living room an instant makeover. You move the furniture around, swap out a few items on the shelf to create a fresh look, and then complete the look by printing a couple of Now. Paper Goods A4 posters to hang on the wall.

Free printable wall art Love coming home

With Now. Paper Goods you can update your home and stationery collection regularly with all the latest on-trend designs, to keep you inspired week after week! Our printable products are available for instant download. This means they are all yours right after purchase. There’s no delivery costs and no waiting for packages to arrive. Keep all your digital files handy in a folder on your computer and you will be able to quickly print your paper goods as often as you like. Now. Paper Goods printable stationery is a fun, affordable way to instantly update your stationery collection and have new paper goods to enjoy when you want them.

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About me

Hey, I’m Tracey. I’m a busy mum to two energetic kids, a passionate crafter, Graphic Designer and stationery lover.

I started my online printable stationery shop, Now. Paper Goods, in March 2016, while recovering from a period of anxiety and burn-out. I’m so much better now, but still on the road to full recovery. Along the way I’ve learnt some amazing techniques for slowing down, being more present, and just really appreciating this amazing life that we have.

Practicing meditation, mindfulness and journaling, creating rituals and single tasking have seriously changed my life. I’m so much calmer, happier and present, and I no longer feel the need to cram everything into my day. Whew!

Making these small changes has allowed me to create space in my life, to pay attention to the little things, be more present with my kids, and spend more time on the things I love. You’ll notice I’m pretty passionate about these ‘slow living’ topics, and I do write about them on my blog from time to time (check out these blog posts and you’ll see what I mean!)

I hope I can inspire you to live a simple, happy, organised life…with all the pretty stationery, too!