How to Bullet Journal In A Structured Bullet Planner Notebook

As you probably know, I’m a big fan of using printable pages and templates to simplify and speed up the bullet journaling process. To make it even easier, I’ve designed a structured 4-month Bullet Planner Notebook that is now available in several designs on Amazon.

Live Life In Full Bloom Bullet Planner Notebook on Wooden Table
‘Live Life In Full Bloom’ – a Now Paper Goods 4-month Bullet Planner!

Bullet Planner Notebook: Flexibility Plus Structure

One of the coolest things about bullet journaling is having the flexibility to create a customised planner, journal and sketchbook all in one. However, starting with a completely blank notebook can be daunting and keeping a bullet journal up-to-date takes (a lot of) time!

That’s where my new Bullet Planner Notebooks come in. They have just enough structure to help you get started with ease, and stay up to date without spending hours designing pages. Plus, there’s plenty of room to add custom pages, daily or weekly logs, headings, and trackers and to decorate any way you like.

Customise Your Bullet Planner Key

At the beginning of your 4-month Bullet Planner, you’ll find a blank Key to fill in. This is the best place to start when setting up your Bullet Planner.

The Key includes a space to organise your colour coding and symbols.

I use colour coding in my Bullet Planner to easily see calendar entries for each member of my family. I allocate a particular colour to each family member and when I log an event in the calendar I use the appropriate colour.

Colour coding is also great for marking recurring events or appointments.

Bullet Planner notebook open to the Key page
Customise your bullet planner Key with symbols and colour coding

Beneath the colour-coding section is space for your symbols to be stored. Use the provided dots to draw your symbol, and write the corresponding topic/meaning beside it. Feel free to use ‘traditional’ bullet journal symbols such as a dot, dash, circle or asterisk, or create your own set of completely unique symbols.

If you’re new to bullet journaling and just learning about bullets and symbols, I wrote a post about getting started with bullet journaling here.

Future Log

Next, you’ll want to start filling in your 6-month Future Log. Mini calendars are included, without dates, so you can start your Future Log in any month. Add in upcoming events, appointments, Tasks and Birthdays. To learn more about creating a successful Future Log, read this post.

Flexible Undated Calendar

Notebook open to undated calendar page on wooden desk
Monthly calendars without dates are included for you to fill in and customise!

The 4-month Bullet Planner includes four monthly calendars for you to fill in and decorate. As the calendars are not dated, you can start using your Bullet Planner notebook at any time of the year. There is plenty of opportunity for customisation using doodles, quotes, stickers or headings and you have the flexibility to start the week on a Sunday or Monday.

Bullet Planner open to Undated Calendar
4 month Dot Grid Bullet Planner Undated Calendar

Monthly Habit and Gratitude Tracking

Two of the most popular bullet journaling trackers are the all-in-one monthly habit tracker and the monthly gratitude tracker. The 4-month Bullet Planner comes with simple minimal versions of these monthly trackers, ready for you to fill in and customise! This will save you tons of time when preparing your journal for the coming months.

The habit tracker allows you to add up to 18 ‘habits’ to track daily throughout the month. Learn how to successfully track habits in this post.

Bullet Planner Notebook open to Habit Tracker and Gratitude practice pages.
Simple monthly habit tracker and gratitude tracker to fill in every month!

Blank Dot Grid Pages to Customise

You will also find plenty of blank dot grid pages within every monthly section of the Bullet Planner. This is where you can add your daily or weekly logs, notes, sketching, quotes, custom trackers and much more.

Bullet Planner Notebook open to blank dot grid pages.
Plenty of dot grid pages each month for weekly logging, doodling, note-taking and more.

4-month Bullet Planner: Everything You Need To Know

My first collection of Now. Paper Goods Bullet Planners includes seven Bullet Planner cover designs to choose from. The Bullet Planners are designed to co-ordinate beautifully allowing you to select a gorgeous set of journals to complete your year in.

The 4-month Bullet Planner is the perfect dotted notebook for those just starting out with bullet journaling. Many of the core pages of a bullet journal are set up ready for you to customise! It’s also an ideal dot grid notebook and planner for you if you love the flexibility of bullet journaling, but don’t have time to constantly draw your own pages.

Each 6 x 9 inch (15.24 x 22.86 cm) Dot Grid Bullet Planner combines blank dot grid pages with a structured Index, Future Log, monthly calendars, task lists, habit tracker, gratitude tracker, reflection pages and a goal planner.

Every page is numbered to save you time and make indexing super quick and easy.

Everything is set up without dates, so you can start your journal at any time of the year.

If you often struggle to find a flow with your planning and journaling, this notebook will make it easy as it has a structured 4-month set-up.

Each month in the Bullet Planner includes:

  • space to design a cover page
  • a non-dated calendar and task list for you to fill-in
  • a full-page habit tracker
  • a month-long daily gratitude tracker
  • monthly reflection questions for you to fill in

Plus, within each monthly section, you’ll find 14 blank dotted pages that you can use any way you like – weekly spreads, daily logging, mood tracking, drawing, collections, budget tracker, meal planner, notes etc.

Also included at the end of the Bullet Planner are 25 extra blank dotted pages to be used for notes, collections, trackers, quotes and anything else you like!

These structured bullet planners have tons of opportunity for customisation and creativity. Each 120 page Dot Grid Bullet Planner has space for you to plan, organise and journal for four months. Just three of these affordable journals will keep you organised for an entire year!

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