Habit Tracker Stickers Set


Habit tracker and water intake stickers, for your planner or bullet journal

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Colourful habit tracker stickers for your planner or bullet journal. Set includes two large sticker sheets. These versatile habit tracker stickers can be set up as a weekly or monthly tracker (see example image).

TWO sticker sheets are included, with four habit tracker stickers, and four water tracker stickers, on each sheet.


Large sticker sheets measure 16cm x 11cm (6.2″ x 4.3″)

Individual Habit trackers measure approximately 5cm x 5cm (1.96″ x 1.96″)
Habit trackers are included in eight different colours – purple, mint, pale pink, blue, peach, pale green, grey and yellow.

Water tracker stickers measure approximately 4.5cm x 1cm (1.7″ x 0.39″)
Water droplets are blue.


Stickers are ‘kiss cut’ and can be easily peeled from the backing sheet.

Sticker sheets are made from premium matte sticker paper. Stickers have a smooth matte finish that is ideal for writing on with felt tip pens, ball point pen or markers. Stickers are NOT waterproof.

Please note, colour of the printed stickers may vary slightly from the colours seen on-screen.