Printable Symbol Mood Tracker


Printable symbol mood tracker.


A printable symbol mood tracker that uses symbols, rather than colours, to track moods throughout the month. Ideal for use in your bullet journal or planner. Drawing a simple shape to represent your mood means you can fill this tracker in quickly and easily, without having to get out your coloured markers!

Includes a Key with six basic symbols. You can allocate a mood to each symbol.

There is a box to fill in for each day of the month. Alongside the box, there is space where you can make a note about the day, such as ‘slept well’ or ‘gym workout’ that may further help you to track the relationship between moods and habits. You could also use the space to record another mood, as sometimes it is tricky to choose only one.

Included is a version of the mood tracker in all black, without the floral design, for those of you who prefer a more minimal, neutral look.

There is an A4 and Letter size PDF for both versions, each containing two copies of the mood tracker.

You will receive four PDF files.


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Download your PDF files and print at 100% (or smaller to suit your planner).

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