Washing Machine Planner Stickers Set


Laundry Day Planner Stickers, set of 38 hand drawn washing machine and laundry basket stickers for your bullet journal or planner

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Hand Drawn laundry baskets and washing machine planner stickers. Set includes two large sticker sheets, with 38 laundry day stickers.
These versatile laundry stickers can be used to decorate the pages of your bullet journal, planner, notebook or craft project.
Great for keeping track of laundry days in your journal!

TWO sticker sheets are included, with 38 stickers in total.


Large sticker sheets measure 16cm x 11cm (6.2″ x 4.3″)

Individual laundry baskets are approximately 2.5cm x 2cm ( 1″ x 0.8″)
Individual washing machines are approximately 2cm x 2cm (0.8″ x 0.8″)


Stickers are ‘kiss cut’ and can be easily peeled from the backing sheet.

Sticker sheets are made from premium matte sticker paper. Stickers have a smooth matte finish that is ideal for writing on with felt tip pens, ball point pen or markers. Stickers are NOT waterproof.

Please note, colour of the printed stickers may vary slightly from the colours seen on-screen.