Embrace simple living

About Space and Quiet - enjoy simple living

Finding space and quiet

As life has become busier and more complicated, I have found myself striving to simplify, de-clutter and make more space for the things I love. I started this blog to embrace, and celebrate, the joy of simple living. You could say Space + Quiet is my personal scrapbook, or vision board. It is a collection of articles, links, products and images that are inspiring me to lead a simpler, healthier, more meaningful, life. I hope it will inspire you, too.

Simple living

Over the past few weeks I have begun a regular meditation practice, de-cluttered my home using the Kon-Mari method, and planted a vegetable garden. As I continue with this blog I hope to further embrace minimalism, take a class in photography and dedicate more time to scrapbooking, crochet and reading.

Passion for design and paper goods

Space + Quiet is also a place for me to share my passion for Graphic Design and paper goods. Combining the two lead me to create my printable stationery and art range, Now. Paper Goods. Lots of free printable goodies are available for instant download on my blog.

About me

Busy mum to two energetic Tweens, passionate crafter, Graphic Designer and stationery lover. Printable paper goods, stickers and stationery designed by me are available on Etsy at Now. Paper Goods.