cottagecore halloween fabric and home decor collection

I’m excited to share something new with you! In addition to my Cottagecore Halloween planner printables, I’ve expanded my collection to include fabric and home decor items, perfect for the Halloween season and for those who love DIY projects. You can now find my whimsical designs on beautiful quality fabrics available from Spoonflower, as well as on ready-made home decor items like pillow shams, cushions, tablecloths, and duvet covers. These additions are perfect for adding a touch of Cottagecore charm to your home and creative projects.

Whimsical Cottagecore Halloween Fabric Collection

My new fabric collection features the same sweet Cottagecore Halloween designs that you saw in my journaling printables, but now you can use them for sewing, crafting, and other creative projects. The fabric is available in assorted types from Spoonflower, ensuring you have the perfect material for any project you have in mind. Whether you’re an experienced crafter or just starting out, these fabrics are perfect for making your own DIY Halloween decorations, costumes, or even journal covers.

Here are some ideas for using the fabric in your creative projects:

  1. Journal Covers and Pockets
    • Create custom covers for your journals or planners using my whimsical fabric. You can also sew pockets to attach inside your journals for storing stickers, notes, and other small items.
  2. Scrapbooking
    • Incorporate fabric scraps into your scrapbooking layouts. Use them as backgrounds, borders, or cut them into shapes to add texture and dimension to your pages.
  3. Planner Accessories
    • Sew pen holders, bookmarks, or washi tape holders to match your Halloween planner setup. These little accessories can add a unique and personal touch to your planning routine.
  4. DIY Home Decor
    • Use the fabric to make your own Halloween-themed cushions, table runners, or even curtains. These projects are a fun way to bring the Halloween spirit into your home.

Ready-Made Home Decor Items

If sewing isn’t your thing, don’t worry! You can still enjoy my whimsical Cottagecore Halloween designs with made-for-you home decor items available on Spoonflower. These high-quality items are perfect for decorating your home for the Halloween season. From pillow shams and cushions to tablecloths and duvet covers, there’s something for every corner of your home.

Here are some ideas for incorporating these items into your Halloween decor:

  1. Living Room
    • Add a cozy Halloween touch to your living room with decorative cushions and pillow shams. They’re perfect for creating a festive and comfortable atmosphere.
  2. Dining Room
    • Dress up your dining table with a Halloween-themed tablecloth. It’s an easy way to set the mood for any Halloween gathering or dinner party.
  3. Bedroom
    • Transform your bedroom with a whimsical duvet cover. It’s a fun and unexpected way to bring the Halloween spirit into your personal space.

Why You’ll Love This Collection

I know that many of you are passionate about creative journaling and planning, and this new fabric and home decor collection is designed to complement and enhance those interests. By incorporating these whimsical Cottagecore Halloween designs into your home and creative projects, you can fully immerse yourself in the magic and charm of the season. Plus, the quality of the fabric and home decor items from Spoonflower ensures that you’ll have beautiful, long-lasting pieces to enjoy year after year.

Where to Find My Collection

You can purchase my whimsical Cottagecore Halloween fabric and home decor items directly from Spoonflower. Here are some quick links to get you started:

Need one of my designs in a different size or color? Where possible, I’m happy to adjust the scale or color of patterns in my Spoonflower shop to suit your specific project. Please fill in this form to submit your request.

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Share Your Creations!

I can’t wait to see how you use these fabrics and home decor items in your creative projects and homes! Be sure to share your creations with me on Instagram using the hashtag #CottagecoreHalloweenCreations. Tag @spaceandquiet_fabric my new Instagram account dedicated to fabric and home decor. Your creativity and unique ideas always inspire me, and I’m excited to see what you’ll come up with!

Happy crafting and decorating!

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