Free Printable Unicorn Journal: Encourage Kids to Journal

My daughter recently celebrated her eleventh birthday with a unicorn themed sleepover party. To keep the children busy, I designed a printable unicorn journal for each of them to fill in over the course of the party. I bundled the printed journal pages with a few other stationery goodies and we called it a ‘DIY-Diary Kit’. The kids were thrilled with the kit and had a lot of fun customising their journal pages. In this post, I share where to download the printable unicorn journal for free and how to make one of your own!

The printable unicorn journal includes a super cute cover page!

Why Journaling is good for kids

Journaling is a wonderful skill for children to develop that has lasting benefits on their health and wellbeing. Regularly writing about the events of their day, their goals, dreams, worries and feelings can help children understand, and learn from, their emotions.

Encourage children to keep a daily diary or write a paragraph or two in a notebook each night. If your kids are reluctant to start, try journaling together and make it fun. Include stickers, coloured pens, washi tape and stencils.

If your children are stuck for ideas, provide them with simple journaling prompts, like those on the unicorn journal pages.

Let younger children draw and doodle in a notebook!

Printable Unicorn Journal: What you’ll need

To put together a printable unicorn journal (for yourself or your children!) there are a few things you’ll need…

  • Printable Unicorn Journal PDF template (download for free from the Planner Lovers Resource Library)
  • A5 Paper and a compatible home printer (or print at your local copy centre)
  • A5 size ring binder (we bought ours from Officeworks)

You might also like to add some of the following optional goodies:

  • Patterned card (look for Unicorn themed paper pads!)
  • Stickers
  • Markers
  • Gel pens
  • Quote cards
Unicorn-themed journaling pages with prompts especially for kids!

How to make your Unicorn Journal

Step 1

Print the PDF file at 100% onto A5 size paper. (If you are unable to print directly to A5, print on larger paper such as A4 or US Letter and trim to size).

Step 2

Use a hole punch to punch holes, to fit your binder, in each page.

Punch holes in your printed pages and add to an A5 ring binder .

Step 3

Arrange the pages inside your ring binder, in any order you like.

Step 4

Decorate the binder cover by inserting a sheet of patterned card that has been trimmed to size. Add stickers, a name label or any decorations you like!

Binder cover and unicorn stationery
Customise your binder cover with unicorn-themed card and stickers.

Step 5

Fill-in and decorate your unicorn journal pages. Try coloured gel pens, stickers and quote cards to add colour and personality! Use a patterned card to make your own journal dividers and page tabs.

Cut out your own journal dividers with page tabs from patterned card.

Fun Journaling Prompts for Kids

Providing kids with simple, fun journaling prompts will help them establish a journaling habit early on. The printable unicorn planner includes six super cute pages of journaling prompts to get kids started!

Space for children to Journal about a favourite holiday!
The printable pages include lots of simple, fun journaling prompts for kids.

Lined journaling pages for kids!

Along with six pages of journaling prompts, I have included six lined journaling pages, each with a cute unicorn themed design! These ‘blank’ pages provide kids with space to write about the events of the day, their thoughts, feelings, ideas or notes! Print as many copies of these lined pages as you need to fill your journal. Encourage older children to write something each day.

Lined journaling pages provide space for expressive writing.

Create your own custom journal pages!

Once your children have completed all the pages in the unicorn journal, encourage them to create some new ones of their own. Fill the binder with blank, or grid paper and try ideas like gratitude lists, chore trackers, wish lists and savings charts. They’ll be developing skills that will see them successfully planning, and achieving, their biggest dreams and goals.

Ready to create a unicorn-themed journal? Download the PDF for free from the Planner Lovers Resource Library!

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