4 Fun Ways To Decorate with Planner Charms – Personalise Your Bullet Journal and Accessories!

Hands up if you love a little planner bling. Me too! Customising your planner cover, bullet journal and accessories with planner charms is super fun. Choose a colour or theme to suit your personality or planning style. Keep it simple and minimal, or add a whole collection of charms! Get creative and add charms to your pencil case, stationery holder or even your keys. I’m sharing four simple ways you can decorate your planner and accessories with gorgeous charms from The Plan Addict. Plus, lovely Marijke from The Plan Addict has a special offer for you!

Beautiful packaging and planner charms from The Plan Addict
Some of the beautiful goodies that tumbled out from the package I received from The Plan Addict!

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It was exciting to receive a gorgeous little package of goodies in the mail, from The Plan Addict, a couple of weeks ago. The wrapping alone was such a treat.. a pretty paper bag tied with twine and sealed with gold wax…and paper confetti that tumbled out as I opened it! Of course, the planner charms themselves are adorable. My little collection of charms includes a Mint and Silver Planner Tassel With a Heart Charm, Crystal Ball Planner Charm, Ice Cream Planner Charm, an Aqua Druzy Charm and a Purple Druzy Charm. I’m sharing four fun ways that you can use these planner charms to decorate your planner, notebook and accessories.

1. Make a Planner Charm Keyring Collection

Using an empty keyring (available from most craft supply stores) make your own personalised Planner Charm Keyring. All of The Plan Addict charms include a small clasp which can be used to easily attach them to the keyring. Add as many planner charms as you like.

Plan Addict Planner charms on keyring
Attach a collection of The Plan Addict charms to an empty keyring.

Now you can add your keys to the keyring…or use your new Planner Charm Collection to decorate your planner and accessories as shown below!

2. Add a Keyring Planner Charm Collection To Your Planner Pen Loop

A pen loop is a perfect place to hang a Keyring Planner Charm Collection. If your planner or notebook doesn’t have a pen loop, consider adding an adhesive pen loop. This is a great way to attach both a pen and planner charms to a bullet journal notebook.

Plan Addict Planner charms on pen loop
I added two coordinating planner charms to a keyring and attached it to the pen loop on my planner cover.

I currently keep my softcover Moleskine inside a leather notebook cover from kikkiK. The cover includes a pen loop, which is where I have attached my keyring. There’s still plenty of room for my pen and the charms look gorgeous even when the planner cover is closed.

Add a planner charm keyring to your pen loop
Make a planner charm keyring to attach to your planner pen loop!
Use planner charms to decorate your bullet journal
How I use planner charms to decorate my bullet journal notebook cover.
Planner charms attached to my bullet journal pen loop
Planner charms attached to my bullet journal pen loop!

3. Add a Keyring Planner Charm Collection To Your Ring Binder

Another awesome way to use your Keyring Charm Collection is to attach it to a ring binder. Try this on an Erin Condren Life Planner (as shown below) or attach it to the inside rings of your personal ring-bound planner. If the rings that bind your planner are narrow enough, you could also attach a single planner charm directly onto them.

Using planner charms on Erin Condren Life Planner
A collection of planner charms decorating my Erin Condren Life Planner.

Used on the Erin Condren Life Planner the keyring charm collection moves freely around as you open and close the planner.

4. Add Planner Charms to the Zipper of Your Pencil Case or Planner Cover

Adding a single planner charm to your pencil case zipper is a fun way to add bling to your planner accessories. The Plan Addict planner charms include a small clasp making them easy to clip onto a zipper.

Decorate your pencil case zipper with a planner charm
Attach a planner charm to the zipper of your pencil case!
Cute ice cream planner charm attached to zip
Cute Ice Cream Planner Charm attached to the zipper of my stationery case.

How will you use planner charms to decorate your planner and accessories?

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  1. Gwen says

    I don’t know if this is still true, but when I started driving they taught you that having tons of keychains and charms like we all want on our keychains was actually bad on the ignition column due to the weight. This is a great way to get your charm action on without dangerous repercussions!

    Plus, since I usually walk, I’m a minimalist when it comes to actual keychains, don’t want the extra weight or taking up space in a pocket or bag.

    Finally, I can get my charm on!

    P.S. Isn’t it funny, the random things that stick in your head from growing up? To this day, every time I see someone with a massive keychain I worry about their car!

    • Tracey Collins says

      It definitely makes sense to not have too much weight on your keys. These little charms are tiny and lightweight so they should be ok! It is funny the things we remember 🙂

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