Free printable planner stickers for Erin Condren – Mint metallic dots design

Enjoy this set of free printable planner stickers when you join my free Planner Lovers Resource Library! The sheet includes box style stickers that are perfect in size for the Erin Condren vertical planner. Alternatively, you can get creative and use them in any type of planner or notebook. Print the stickers at 100% onto adhesive paper, trim them out, and they are ready to go into your planner.

Free printable planner stickers mint metallic dots - Erin Condren

Get creative with free printable planner stickers

Box style planner stickers can be used to decorate an unused area or to write a to-do list or short journal entry. Print these stickers as many times as you like to fill the pages of your planner. Join my free Planner Lovers Resource Library to download these printable planner stickers and more!

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