How to Use a Bullet Journal Future Log and Someday Log – Free Printable Templates

When I first started bullet journaling I wasn’t exactly sure how to use a Future Log. I would set up my six-month spread and then forget all about it! Now my Future Log is one of my most used bullet journal spreads, and I have expanded it to include a ‘Someday Log’. I’m sharing how I use both my Future Log and Someday Log to plan ahead and be better organised. Plus there are two printable bullet journal Future Log templates for you to try in my free Planner Lovers Resource Library

A future log page in the bullet journal
Use your Bullet Journal Future Log to plan and schedule future events, tasks and appointments.

Planning for the Future

Most often when bullet journaling we capture events, tasks and notes on a daily basis. A Daily Log is usually created on the day we intend to use it or the night before. The downside to this type of daily log is that it doesn’t allow us to schedule events happening in the future. In a regular planner or diary, we would be able to skip ahead, to any day, and schedule necessary appointments and events.

To make up for this, bullet journaling uses a Future Log to store items for sometime in the future. A Future Log is usually created at the beginning of a new year, or anytime you begin a new notebook. It usually covers the upcoming six to twelve months.

Some useful categories to include in your Future Log are Events, Appointments, Tasks and Birthdays. Experiment with your Future Log to discover what works best for you. As you start to fill your Future Log, you may find you need more room. Experiment with new layouts, or allocate more space to your Future Log. One of the best things about bullet journaling is its flexibility – set up the pages that work just right for you.

Hand holding bullet journal showing future log pages
Six-month bullet journal future log

10 tips to get the most from your Bullet Journal Future Log

  1. Add mini calendars to see each month at a glance.
  2. Schedule your appointments and events ahead of time.
  3. Store important dates such as birthdays or anniversaries.
  4. Mark school terms, exam periods and holidays.
  5. Schedule travel time or time-off from work.
  6. Make self-care a priority – schedule a monthly massage or coffee with a friend!
  7. Log tasks to be completed in the future.
  8. Review your Future Log at the beginning of the month and migrate entries to your Monthly Log.
  9. Colour code related appointments and events to easily recognise them.
  10. Use a ‘Someday’ Future Log to store items that don’t yet belong to a particular month.
Future Log Template
Download a Printable bullet journal Future Log template from my free Planner Lovers Resource Library

How to use a Someday Future Log

What about the stuff we hope to do someday? It might be a future goal, a task to complete or a workshop to attend. It’s really important to write these ‘someday’ items down so we can remember what we are working towards. Creating a Someday Log is the perfect way to store these future goals, wishes and aspirations! Remember to review your Someday Log, and Future Log, often.

Writing on a bullet journal Someday Log page
Use a Bullet Journal Someday Log to store future goals, wishes and aspirations.
Someday Future Log Template
Download a Someday Future Log Template from my free Planner Lovers Resource Library

Download your free printable templates

Join the Planner Lovers Resource Library to download printable Future Log and Someday Log templates. Print the PDF files onto A4 or Letter size paper at 100% (or smaller to fit your notebook). Use the printout as a template to create your hand-drawn layout or simply attach it straight to your notebook page with double sided tape. To save time, print directly onto adhesive paper to create stickers! The mini calendars on the Future Log have been left blank so you can fill them in and start with any month.

Focus on what matters

By using your Future Log often to schedule appointments and events in advance, your mind will be clearer, leaving you calmer and more organised. You’ll be better able to focus on what matters. And scheduling in the ‘things that matter’ means you will know exactly how to spend your time!


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  1. Gwen says

    I wanted to let you know that I’m loving this printout! Most “future” logs didn’t work for me and I ended up giving up on the idea, even though I really needed something to allow me to plan ahead.

    This succinctly gave me space for volunteer stuff, health stuff, holiday stuff, etc, and have them differentiated plus I was able to start with April!

    No more having to constantly check websites for “Awareness” days and months to look ahead for setting up shelves while volunteering at the library, no more forgetting that damn doctor’s appointment I have only every three months, etc. Thank you!

    • Tracey Collins says

      That’s great! It took me a long time to work out how to successfully use a future log too. I find it really helpful to have some structure and specific spaces. Glad it’s helping you plan ahead!

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