Bullet Journal Weekend Log With Passion Wheel – Make Time For What You Love

When we spend time doing activities we love we feel calmer, happier and more content. Too often though we set aside our hobbies and passions, choosing instead to work long hours, binge on Netflix, or take part in activities we don’t enjoy. It’s so important we make time for the things we really love. Every weekend I use my bullet journal Weekend Log to explore and prioritise my passion projects, starting with my ‘Passion Wheel’. I’m sharing a printable version of my bullet journal Weekend Log, plus tips to create your own Passion Wheel to inspire you to do more of what you love. 

Weekend log page inside bullet journal notebook
Create a bullet journal weekend log that allows you to explore and prioritise your passions.

How to create your bullet journal Weekend Log and Passion Wheel

To get started, download the Weekend Log template, or the Passion Wheels template, from the Planner Lovers Resource Library.

The Weekend Log template includes a Passion Wheel, What Matters List, Meal Planner and Passion Projects area. The template containing only Passion Wheels can be used to add a Passion Wheel to any bullet journal layout.

Print your chosen template at 100% (or smaller to suit your notebook.) Next, trace the design into your journal or attach the printed copy straight onto your page using double-sided tape or washi.

Printable Bullet Journal weekend log template
Download a Bullet Journal Weekend Log and Passion Planner from my free Planner Lovers Resource Library.

Bullet Journal Passion Wheel Printable Template
Add a Passion Wheel to any Bullet Journal layout using this template. Download for free from my Planner Lovers Resource Library.

I personally love to print a sheet of Weekend Passion Wheels onto adhesive paper, cut out each wheel by hand, and add a sticker to the centre of my notebook page. This is an easy way to create a neat circle. You can also print the Weekend Log as a sticker and add the whole layout to your journal.

Bullet Journal page with weekend log and passion wheel
Fill in your Bullet Journal Weekend Log and Passion Wheel to prioritise your passions this weekend!

Filling in your wheel – what are you passionate about?

Your passion might be a community project, hobby, activity or a subject you are intrigued by. You may have one passion or many! Ask yourself the following questions to begin exploring your passions:

Is there something you do just for the love of it?

Which topics get you so excited you can’t stop talking about them?

What subjects are you intrigued by and want to learn more about?

Which hobbies do you wish you could spend all day doing?

Use your answers as a guide and fill in your passion wheel by writing up to eight hobbies, passions or favourite activities inside the wheel.

Choose your passion projects!

Now get specific about the projects you are going to work on. For example, if you’re passionate about gardening, set a goal to plant a herb garden this weekend! Or perhaps there is a project you’ve already started, and would really love to finish. Write your weekend passion projects in your journal.

Recognise and remove obstacles

What gets in the way of you spending time working on your passion projects? Plan how you will overcome obstacles so you can quickly and easily complete tasks that slow you down or distract you from your passion projects. For example, plan meals ahead of time, work out a cleaning schedule or delegate household tasks.

What really matters?

Rather than writing a to-do list this weekend, consider your What Matters List. What really needs to be done this weekend, and what can wait? Only add to your What Matters List those items that line up with your values and get you closer to working on your passion projects!

Track your results!

How much time did you dedicate to your passion projects? Over the weekend keep track of your results by colouring in the segments of your Passion Wheel you spent time doing.

Remember this: the Passion Wheel isn’t just for weekends. Be inspired to make time for what you love, every day of the week!


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  1. Gwen S says

    Love this, especially the mention that you mentioned that it isn’t just for weekends. My schedule isn’t traditional, so I appreciate it.

    This is a great interactive reminder for self-care too!

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