31 Daily Drawing Prompts To Use In Your Bullet Journal Every Month

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Keeping a list of daily drawing prompts inside your bullet journal is the easiest way to make daily drawing a habit. However, sourcing new prompts every month is time consuming and sometimes takes away from the fun of drawing. I’ve been drawing and doodling in my bullet journal for several years and I’ve come up with a simple list of prompts to keep me drawing consistently all year, without the fuss. In this post I’m sharing my free printable list of 31 Daily Drawing Prompts, that will provide inspiration for an entire year of drawing in your journal.

Planner Insert with List of 31 daily drawing prompts on wooden background

Daily drawing prompts to inspire all year round

An assortment of daily drawing prompts or ‘themes’, are included on my free printable list. The prompts can be interpreted any way you like. Each one should inspire hundreds of possible illustrations!

For example, the theme travel might inspire you to draw luggage, travel accessories, transport, or travel destinations such as the Eiffel Tower.

The theme family could include doodles of cute houses, people, favourite family activities and pets.

One of my favourite themes, cultural, might inspire drawings of cultural foods, customs, objects, mandalas and places.

A quick Google search for any of the prompts, followed by the words doodle, line drawing or illustration, will provide plenty of ideas and inspiration.

Two succulent plants in pots hand drawn on bullet journal page
Be inspired to draw plants on the first day of every month!

Make a page of daily drawing ideas

To stay organised, and keep the ideas flowing, create a page in your journal with lists of doodling ideas to suit each theme. Be sure to add the page to your Bullet Journal Index so you can flip to the page when you’re feeling stuck.

How to use your 31 daily drawing prompts all year

Using the daily drawing prompts list is easy! There is a theme for each day of the month. For example, on the first of January you’ll use the theme ‘Plants’ to inspire your drawing, on the second, ‘Cute’, and so forth. When you reach the end of the month go back to the beginning of the list and start over.

By the end of the year, your journal will be filled with an assortment of drawings that flow from one month to the next.

Use the daily drawing prompts list to inspire a different drawing every day of the year!

Use stickers, borders or other decorations

If drawing isn’t your thing, you can still use the list of daily drawing prompts to decorate your planner or journal. Get creative and use the 31 daily drawing prompts to inspire your choice of stickers, colours, borders or anything else you add to your journal daily.

Mambi Create 365 Planner Sticker Book
Mambi Planner Sticker Books are full of themed stickers for decorating pages!

Planner sticker books and washi tape are some of my favourite accessories for planner decorating. I always have a few in my stash (okay, more than just a few!) They’re so useful when I simply haven’t got time to draw decorations by hand. Sticker books, including these ones by Me And My Big Ideas and Kelly Creates are packed with tons of stickers making them great value. Most planner sticker books include stickers to suit all sorts of planner themes, styles and colours!

Assorted planner decorating accessories including washi, markers, stamps and stickers arranged on table
Kelly Creates have a great range of planner decorating accessories.

Turn drawings into unique planner stickers

If you’re worried about messing up when you draw in your planner or journal, I have the perfect solution. Instead of drawing directly onto your journal page, perfect your drawings first on a sheet of paper.

This way you can sketch, doodle and experiment with illustrations until you have yours just the way you want it. Although, remember, mistakes are all part of the journaling process and I don’t recommend trying to be too perfect! With daily drawing, your skills will develop and you’ll be able to see your improvement as you flip back through your journal.

The Xyron Sticker Maker is a great tool for turning doodles into planner stickers!

Once you’ve completed your drawing on a sheet of paper (it can be blank, coloured or dot grid paper), cut out the illustration. Next, run your cut-out illustration through a Xyron Sticker Maker. In just seconds you will have a high quality sticker that you can stick straight onto your journal page!

I can’t live without my Xyron Sticker Maker! I have two different sized sticker makers and I use them daily to turn drawings, photos and die-cuts into unique stickers for my planner.

To download the free printable Drawing Prompt List, with 31 days of ideas, visit the Planner Lovers Resource Libray. Click on the image to download the PDF.

For more daily drawing prompts and another free downloadable, check out this blog post.

Happy drawing!

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