Monthly drawing prompts for Bullet Journaling – free printable

Drawing, doodling and sketching is a wonderful way to customise the pages of your Bullet journal. Whether you’re an experienced illustrator or just getting started, monthly drawing prompts are a great source of inspiration and encouragement. Create your own list of monthly drawing prompts, or use my list below. Twelve topics are included on my list, enough for a whole year of doodling and drawing! Download the file and print out a copy to keep handy in your journal.

Free printable monthly drawing prompts

Monthly drawing prompts to inspire and encourage regular practice

I’ll admit, I’ve become a little addicted to drawing in my bullet journal. But with so many ideas for illustrations flying around in my head, I needed to create some structure. So I came up with twelve themes that inspire me and turned them into my monthly drawing prompts. Now, with a set theme for each month, I can spend less time deciding what to draw, and more time drawing. For me, dedicating a month to one theme will allow me to really explore the subject, develop my drawing style and hopefully improve through regular practice.

Monthly drawing prompts for Bullet Journaling - Hygge illustrations

Drawing Hygge

My first major attempt at drawing in my Bullet Journal was a few weeks ago. I had just read The Little Book of Hygge and was completely taken by the subject. I just loved the idea of happiness through simple living, and surrounding ourselves with items that ooze cosiness, wellbeing, comfort and joy. So much so, that I couldn’t resist doodling a page of illustrations that represent hygge to me. My illustrations included things like candles, hot drinks, cake, yarn and books. I enjoyed this drawing session so much and (if my use of the word is correct) I would describe the activity itself as hyggelig!

Bullet journal hand drawn title

Bullet Journal monthly title pages

A great way to include drawing and hand lettering in your journal is with a decorative page title. This may be a title for a collection or for the beginning of the month. In Australia the beginning of March marks the start of Autumn so I chose an Autumn theme for my March title page. Faber Castell artist pens are great for adding a little colour.

Make drawing a mindful practice

One thing I’ve noticed is how calm, focussed and relaxed I feel while drawing. It’s easy to forget about everything else as I focus on the task at hand. By using our senses, focussing on the subject and finding joy in the simple art of creating we can make our drawing practice a mindful one. This is good for our health and wellbeing, too.

Monthly drawing prompts for Bullet Journaling

A new theme to draw every month

I will be doodling my way through the following themes over the coming months:

  • March: indoor plants
  • April: food
  • May: tea party
  • June: fashion
  • July: Kawaii
  • August: stationery
  • September: nature
  • October: shapes / borders
  • November: craft
  • December: Christmas
  • January: technology
  • February: seasons

Each month I will share some of my illustrations on Instagram, using the hashtag #SpaceToDraw

Feel free to use this list of monthly drawing prompts and interpret the themes any way you like. Or create your own list. Share your pics using the hashtag #spacetodraw too!

I am more than happy for you to share my printable Drawing Prompts on your blog or social pages but please direct your followers to this post to download the file. Thank you!

Download your printable drawing prompts from the Planner Lovers Resource Library!

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