Exclusive Planner Printables And Content For Bullet Journal And Planner Lovers

As a graphic designer and stationery lover, obsessed with getting organised, I can’t think of a job I’d rather be doing than designing printable planner accessories! I know first-hand just how much fun (and how helpful) it is to have an ever-changing collection of inspiring stickers, stationery and templates on-hand 24/7. That’s why I created the Planner Lovers Resource Library. It’s packed full of printable planner accessories – stickers, planner inserts, note paper, bullet journaling templates, worksheets and more. And, it’s completely free to join! I have a lot planned for the Resource Library, plus today I’m sharing a new way you can get access to exclusive content and rewards!

I’m so grateful to everyone who has joined the Planner Lovers Resource Library so far. It totally makes my day when I hear how much the printables, or blog articles, have helped and inspired you. My goal is to build the Planner Lovers Resource Library so that it becomes a one-stop resource hub for all types of paper planners, diaries, journals and systems, so you can spend less time trawling the internet and more time doing what matters. And I’m really passionate about keeping the library a free resource too.

To help me continue building the library and sharing free content with you, I invite you to join my brand new community on Patreon.

Exclusive content and rewards for planner lovers
One of my first posts on Patreon…a sneak peek at some sketches for the exclusive December printable kit.

If you haven’t heard of Patreon, it’s a seriously cool site that allows you to support your favourite creators, designers and You-Tubers, in exchange for exclusive content and rewards!

When you support me on Patreon you get to choose your Reward Tier and pledge. I’ve created three reward tiers which I think you’ll love…

Reward Tier One – Planner Lovers

For just $1 per month, the ‘Planner Lovers’ reward tier will get you:

  • Access to my exclusive patron-only feed, where I share photos of my personal planner pages, bite-sized posts about how I use my planners and journals, planning tips and inspiration, sneak peeks at upcoming printable designs…and more!
  • Exclusive planner printables to download every single month.
  • Opportunity to chat and ask me questions via my patron-only feed, AND offer suggestions for new printables – you get to tell me what printables you would like, and I will do my best to include them in the exclusive monthly sets!
Current tools for planning and bullet journaling
I’ll be chatting about my current planning and journaling tools in upcoming posts on Patreon.

Reward Tier Two – Purposeful Planners

In addition to everything in the Planner Lovers tier, when you join at the Purposeful Planners level you will also receive access to my monthly reflection posts, where I offer tips and advice about staying on-purpose, getting the most from your planner, and achieving your goals, as I reflect on my own month of planning and journaling.

Reward Tier Three – Happy Planners

As well as everything included in the Planner Lovers and Purposeful Planners tiers, when you join at the Happy Planners level you will also receive a printable set of inspirational quote cards every month! Plus you will have access to exclusive bite-sized posts with tips to help you cultivate happiness and improve your wellbeing.

Exclusive Planner Printables Every Month!

I’m currently working on the very first set of exclusive planner printables, which will be posted on Patreon early December. Below is a sneak peek at a couple of the goodies I’ve created so far. There will also be a mini-size January calendar, Christmas and holiday-themed doodles…and more which I will keep a surprise for now! Join any reward tier on Patreon to access these goodies in December, plus every new set of printables as they are posted monthly. And whatever month you join, you’ll get instant access to all of the previous printables and posts already released.

Sneak peek of exclusive December printable planner kit
Two of the exclusive planner printables which will be in the December patron-only kit!

Rewards will be posted directly to my patron-only feed. Once you have joined you will have access to everything already created in your particular tier/s. Patreon will notify you by email every time a new post is available! You can update or cancel your membership at any time.

I will be using the Patreon feed/comments to interact directly with you all, take suggestions for printables, answer queries, and be as interactive as possible! I’m really looking forward to building a close-knit community of like-minded bullet journalers and planner lovers. See you there!

Join me on Patreon!

If you have any questions about how Patreon works, or what you can expect when you join, leave a comment below or email me: [email protected]

exclusive planner printables on patreon

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