How To Create A Mini Habit Tracker In Your Bullet Journal Using Stamps!

Regular habit tracking in my bullet journal has helped me establish new and better habits, achieve my goals and celebrate achievements, both big and small. Habit tracking also allows me to keep a check on the relationship between my habits and level of wellbeing. I love discovering new ways to keep a habit tracker in my bullet journal. So when lovely Sarah Kathryn, from Modern Maker Stamps, offered to send me some of her gorgeous products I jumped at the chance to try her mini habit tracker stamps. I’m sharing my tips and ideas for setting up your own mini habit tracker using stamps.

Mini habit tracker stamps from Creatiate - perfect for bullet journaling
Mini habit tracker stamps from Modern Maker Stamps – perfect for bullet journaling.

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Mini Habit Tracker Stamps

I was absolutely thrilled to receive a little package of stamps from Modern Maker Stamps and I could not wait to start using them! I love the modern stamp designs that Sarah Kathryn creates. The habit tracker designs are simple and flexible enough to be used in any style of bullet journal layout, including the most minimal layout. The stamps I’m using include the Water Tracker Stamp, Goal Tracker Stamp and Triangle Habit Tracker Stamp, plus a VersaFine Ink Pad in Onyx Black.

Creatiate Water Tracker Stamp for bullet journaling
Modern Maker Water Tracker Stamp


Creatiate Habit Tracker Stamp for bullet journaling
Modern Maker Goal Habit Tracker Stamp


Creatiate Triangle Mini Habit Tracker Stamp for Bullet Journaling
Modern Maker Triangle Habit Tracker Stamp


Bullet Journal Mini Habit Tracker using stamps
Bullet Journal Mini Habit Tracker created using stamps!

Triangle Habit Tracker Stamp – 100 Days Of Moods, Meditation and Yoga

Using the Triangle Habit Tracker stamp, I created a ‘One Hundred Days Of…’ spread to track my moods, meditation and yoga practice. The Triangle Habit Tracker contains 100 little triangles so it is perfect for tracking over a 100 day period. This spread was quick and easy to create. I used the Triangle Habit Tracker stamp with VersaFine pigment ink. All four mini habit trackers were ready to go in just minutes! Although I chose to include only four triangle trackers on my spread, you will easily fit more if you would like to track more habits over 100 days. (The mandala I used to decorate this page is a printable that is available in my store.)

Triangle Habit Tracker - 100 Days Of
I used the Triangle Habit Tracker stamp to create my ‘100 Days Of Moods, Meditation and Yoga’ tracker.


Mini Habit Tracker in Bullet Journal - 100 Days Of
My ‘100 Days Of…’ Mini Habit Tracker in my bullet journal – 10 days in!


Mini Yoga and Meditation Tracker in my bullet journal
Mini Yoga and Meditation Trackers in my bullet journal.

Meditation And Yoga Triangle Tracker

I am currently working towards establishing both a morning and afternoon meditation ritual so I created a separate triangle tracker for each of these sessions. Completing even one session a day is a great achievement and with separate trackers, I can acknowledge these wins.

Yoga is an important part of my morning rhythm and one that I want to make a daily habit of. Even just five minutes of Sun Salutations count!

Each evening I colour in one little triangle on my Meditation and Yoga mini habit trackers. If I missed a session of meditation or yoga that day, I colour the triangle in yellow. Pink, blue and aqua indicate that I completed the session. (As you can see my afternoon meditation needs some work!) By colouring in missed sessions, rather than leaving them blank, it will be easier to keep track of which day I’m up to within the 100 day period.

Bullet journal mood tracker using triangle tracker stamp
Tracking my mood over 100 days with a mini habit tracker in my bullet journal.

Triangle Mood Tracker

To keep this mood tracker super simple, I decided to record my moods as only ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Usually, I track all the variations of a good or bad mood – happy, calm, irritable, tired etc. So this time I wanted to try something a little different and get an overall sense of how I’m feeling. My moods and emotions often fluctuate throughout the day making it hard to pinpoint just one mood when filling in a tracker. I’m keen to discover if I feel mostly good or mostly bad, over a 100 day period. My mood tracker is coloured in using either green or blue to indicate an overall good mood or an overall bad mood. (I wrote more about mood tracking here.)

I’m really enjoying filling in these trackers and I’m finding them very easy to keep up with. I’m looking forward to seeing the results at the end of the 100 days and checking in with how I’ve been feeling.

Mini Habit Tracker - Daily Water Intake
I create a mini habit tracker in my bullet journal daily log to remind me to drink more water!

Water Tracker Stamp – Daily Water Intake

Increasing my daily water intake became particularly important to me a few months ago when I took part in the I Quit Sugar 8-week program. During the program, I learnt a lot about the importance of drinking enough water to assist brain and kidney function and improve overall health. Plus it helped my body cope with the changes as I gave up sugar. But after the program ended I found myself forgetting to drink enough water.

Creatiate Water Tracker Stamp for bullet journaling
It’s so quick and easy to set up this mini habit tracker in my bullet journal every day, using my Modern Maker Water Tracker Stamp.


Mini Habit Tracker - Daily Water Intake
A mini habit tracker in my bullet journal daily log helps me to track my daily water intake.

Adding a water tracker to my bullet journal daily log, using the Water Tracker Stamp, has helped me to get back into the habit of drinking around eight glasses of water a day. Each morning (or the night before) I set up my Daily Log. I draw a banner and add the day and date. (If you don’t want to draw a banner, try Modern Maker Stamps gorgeous banner stamp!) I then use the Water Tracker Stamp and Versafine Ink Pad to stamp the super cute water tracker onto my page. I found it really easy to line the stamp up underneath my banner, keeping everything nice and neat.

The little glasses are a perfect size and they stand out on the page without taking up too much room. The stamped image looks gorgeous once coloured in, motivating me to drink more water so I can fill in another glass! Even if you don’t have the time or motivation to colour in the tracker, just seeing the glasses on your page acts as a reminder to grab a glass of water or fill up your water bottle!

Mini Goal Tracker - Green Smoothie Tracker
I used a Modern Maker Goal Tracker stamp to create a ‘Green Smoothie Tracker’ in my bullet journal.

Goal Tracker Stamp – Green Smoothie Tracker

For ages, I’ve had the goal of drinking a green/healthy smoothie every day. I’ve finally started to establish this habit with the help of a new Smoothies recipe book and my Modern Maker Goal Tracker Stamp! The Goal Tracker Stamp has room to track your habit for a month. The days of the week are included and there is space at the top to write the goal or habit you will be tracking. As there is no particular month or dates on the tracker, you can start any day of any month. I have recorded my start date beside the tracker. To keep up-to-date with where you are up to in the month, you could add extra dates on the left-hand side of the tracker too. (If you prefer a printable mini habit tracker, check out this collection in my store.)

Mini Goal Tracker - Green Smoothie Tracker
This mini habit tracker in my bujo is helping me establish a green-smoothie-a-day habit!

My Green Smoothie Tracker is pretty simple. Every day that I drink a green (or healthy) smoothie, I will colour-in a square. After four or five weeks, I will be able to see how often I have kept up this good habit and the effect it has had on my health and wellbeing.

Tips and Ideas for using your mini habit tracker stamps

  • Experiment with different ways of using your habit tracker stamps to discover what works best for you.
  • Get into a ‘rhythm’ with habit tracking and fill in your tracker at the same time every day.
  • Set-up a daily alert on your smartphone to remind you when it’s time to fill in your tracker.
  • Index your habit tracker so you can always find the page quickly and easily.
  • Keep any coloured markers or pencils you are using together with your journal to save time.
  • If you don’t want to colour-in your habit tracker, use a simple tick, cross or line instead.
  • Keep a wet paper towel or scrap paper on your desk to remove excess ink from your stamp after use.
  • Occasionally clean your rubber stamp gently with a soft toothbrush, warm water and a little mild soap to remove ink buildup.
  • Store your Modern Maker stamps rubber-side down on a flat surface.

Happy journaling!

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