Organize Your journaling Pens with ease: printabe pen test and color swatch template

Are you always on the lookout for the best pen to complement your creative projects? Do you love experimenting with different colors and pen types in your bullet journal, notebook, or planner? My A5 printable Pen Test and Color Swatch Template Set, available in my Etsy shop, is the perfect tool to help you organize, test, and swatch all your favorite pens!

Printable templates to organize your journaling pens and colors with ease

Why Use a Pen Test and Color Swatch Template?

Personalized Testing: The Pen Test page allows you to write the name of each of your favorite pens inside a pen image. Next to each pen, you can draw a straight line, a squiggly line, or write a word (or all three!) to sample how each pen writes. This helps you see how different pens perform on paper, ensuring you always choose the right one for your journaling needs.

Comprehensive Swatching: The Pen Swatch template provides space to write the brand of pens you’re using. If you’re swatching various pens, you can leave the brand area blank. On the line provided, write the name, number, and color of the pen you’ll be sampling and use that pen to color in the image. You can color in the whole pen or just the lid to get a clear visual representation of each color.

Organized Shopping: Another great way to use these templates is to record the pens you would like to purchase and use the template as a checklist. Add a sample or the color of each pen as you buy them! This ensures you always know what you have and what you need, making your shopping trips more efficient and enjoyable.

Keep track of your favorite journaling pens with my printable Pen Test Template
Keep swatches of all your favorite brush markers and journaling pens with my Printable Pen Swatch Template

How to Use the Templates

Download the templates from my Etsy shop. Once printed, you can add the printed pages straight into your notebook or journal.

  1. Pen Test Page:
    • Write the name of each pen inside the pen image.
    • Next to each pen, draw a straight line, a squiggly line, or write a word to test how it writes.
    • Compare the results to find the perfect pen for your journaling projects.
  2. Pen Swatch Template:
    • Write the brand of the pen in the space provided, or leave it blank if swatching various brands.
    • On the line provided, write the name, number, or color of the pen.
    • Use the pen to color in the image, either the whole pen or just the lid, to see a clear representation of the color.
Add the pen test and swatch templates straight into your journal or notebook

Benefits of Using My Templates

  • Easy Organization: Keep all your pen tests and swatches in one place, making it easy to compare and choose the best pen for your needs.
  • Time-Saving: No more guessing which pen to use; with your tests and swatches organized, you can quickly select the right pen for any project.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Experimenting with different pens and colors can inspire new ideas and enhance your creative journaling process.

Get Yours Today!

My Printable A5 Size Pen Test and Color Swatch Template Set is a must-have for any journaling enthusiast. Visit my Etsy shop to get your hands on this essential tool and elevate your journaling experience. Happy journaling!

Ready to organize your pens and colors? Check out my Printable A5 Size Pen Test and Colour Swatch Template Set in my Etsy shop and start your pen testing and swatching journey today!

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