How to Create a Bullet Journal Monthly Reflection Spread Using a PoooliPrint Inkless Pocket Printer

I’m always on the lookout for fun ways to simplify and improve my creative bullet journaling. I was thrilled when PoooliPrint offered to send me one of their gorgeous inkless pocket printers and thermal paper to try out! With the ability to instantly print photos, text and images from the pocket printer, my monthly reflection spread was the perfect project to test all the Poooli features. Here is how I created a bullet journal monthly reflection spread with the PoooliPrint Inkless Pocket Printer.

Instantly print headings for your bullet journal with the PoooliPrint Pocket Printer

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How does the PoooliPrint Inkless Pocket Printer work?

The PoooliPrint Inkless Pocket Printer is a super cute pocket size printer that connects wirelessly to your smartphone. Using the Poooli App you can instantly print photos, stickers, to-do lists, notes and more directly from the App or your phone’s photo gallery. It’s a really cool way to add photos, headings and other elements to your bullet journal pages.

The PoooliPrint Inkless Pocket Printer prints photos, to-do lists, notes and more!

With the Poooli Printer there is no need for ink, it uses a special thermal technology to print. Once connected, all you need to do is load the paper in and print!

PoooliPrint offer a selection of different thermal papers to use with your pocket printer, including sticker paper, coloured paper and grid paper. Approximately 100 photos can be printed on each roll of thermal paper, depending on which paper you choose.

Choose from tons of different PoooliPrint Thermal Papers

It’s really easy to switch between paper types so you can create a lot of different designs in just minutes. Simply open the Poooli Printer to remove the paper roll and replace it with the roll you would like to use next.

How to connect your Poooli Printer to your smartphone

Connecting your Poooli Printer to your phone is super easy! Follow the steps below.

After pressing the button for 3 seconds your Poooli Printer will switch on

Step 1: Switch on your pocket printer by pressing the round button for 3 seconds. The printer will light up when switched on.

Step 2: Open the Poooli App on your smartphone. Press ‘Connect’ and then select the Poooli device you wish to connect. You’re now ready to print!

Open the Poooli App to connect your printer to your smartphone

Connect using QR code

Another way to connect your pocket printer to your smartphone is by the QR code. To connect this way, switch on your printer as above. Then open the Poooli App. Press ‘Connect’, then press ‘Scan QR Code’. Double tap the round button on your pocket printer. This will automatically print a QR code. Using the Poooli App, scan the code. You are now connected to your Poooli Printer!

Double tap the button to print a QR Code for easy connection

Bullet Journal Monthly Reflection

Now that your Poooli printer is all set up, it’s time to create your monthly reflection spread!

Monthly reflection is an opportunity to recognise your accomplishments and the progress you have made througout the month. Highlighting small wins and noticing what did or didn’t work will help you move forward with a sense of achievement, direction and purpose.

Creating a bullet journal monthly reflection page is a wonderful way to capture your most important achievements, highlights, memories and lessons.

Print headings for your bullet journal pages with the Poooli Pocket Printer

The first elements I created for my monthly reflection spread were the headings. The Poooli App includes several fonts for creating text. The size, weight and rotation of the text can be adjusted within the App.

If you would like your text in a different font, simply create your text in another App, such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Adobe Illustrator or Canva, where you can access your favourite fonts.

I used the Canva App on my smartphone to design the large and small headings for my bullet journal monthly reflection spread. I chose the script font Selima as it suited the style I wanted for my page.

Print on sticker paper to easily stick headings and images to your page

Once you have created your text, save or download the file as a Jpeg. Add it to your phone’s photo gallery so it is accessible from the Poooli App.

To print the image directly from your phone’s photo gallery, open the Poooli App and press ‘Print Photo’. The Poooli App will access your photo gallery and you can select the image containing your text. Now you can crop or rotate the image, if necessary, to get the best fit on your Poooli thermal paper.

When you’re ready, press print!

Using Poooli Printer to print headings for my Bullet Journal Monthly Reflection

To print my headings I used both the PoooliPrint thermal sticker paper and the coloured thermal paper. After printing I trimmed around the text with scissors before adding the headings to my page.

Add cute speech bubbles and text to your monthly reflection!

When I spend time reflecting at the end of the month I usually ask myself a few reflection questions and write the answers in my journal. Here are some examples of reflection questions to ask yourself:

  • What three words best describe how you felt this past month?
  • What was the highlight of the month?
  • Who or what are you grateful for?
  • What was your biggest achievement?
  • What lessons did you learn?

For this project, instead of writing answers in my journal, I added text to some fun speech bubbles in the Poooli App and printed them out for my bullet journal!

To create the speech bubbles, open the Poooli App and press ‘Print notes’. Next, choose if you would like your notes to print in a vertical or horizontal direction on the thermal paper.

Use the Poooli App to print text, speech bubbles, notes and stickers!

Press ‘bubble’ and then choose any bubble shape you like. You can now edit the text inside the bubble by double clicking. When you’re done editing, print out your stickers!

Edit the text in your speech bubbles and adjust size before printing
Bullet Journal Monthly Reflection spread decorated with PoooliPrint stickers

Print your favourite photos instantly with the Poooli Pocket Printer

Printing a few favourite photos from the month is the perfect addition to a bullet journal monthly reflection spread.

To print an image directly from your phone’s photo gallery, open the Poooli App and press ‘Print Photo’. The Poooli App will access your photo gallery and you can select a photo to print.

Once the image is in the Poooli App you will have the option to edit the image. You can adjust brightness and contrast, crop, rotate and more.

When your image is ready, press the printer icon. You will then have the opportuntity to choose your prefered Concentration: light, medium or dark which will affect how light or dark the printed image is. If your image prints too dark the first time, try using a lighter Concentration.

Next press the green print button and watch your photo appear!

Use the Poooli Inkless Pocket Printer to print photos for your bullet journal or scrapbook

Photos and images can be printed on any of the PoooliPrint Thermal Paper. I chose to print my photos on the white thermal sticker paper and attached them to patterned paper before adding them to my page.

Headings, text, photos and embellishments printed using the Poooli Pocket Printer

Quotes, shapes and embellishments

To add the finishing touches to my Monthly Reflection Spread, I used the Canva App again to design a quote and heart shape. I printed these on the PoooliPrint Thermal Sticker Paper, trimmed around the text or image, and added them to my page.

Quotes created in Canva can be printed with the Poooli Printer
Create a heart image and instantly print out a sticker to add to your bullet journal!

I’m so happy with how my Monthly Reflection spread turned out using all of the elements printed with the PoooliPrint Inkless Pocket Printer!

Bullet Journal Monthly Reflection spread using the PoooliPrint Pocket Printer

Protecting your Poooli Pocket Printer

With its cute pocket size and simplicity of use, the PoooliPrint Inkless Printer is perfect for travelling. It’s so easy to carry in your bag or backpack and print photos and notes wherever you go!

To avoid damaging your printer while travelling, PoooliPrint offer several protective cases, including hard cases, faux leather and soft bumpers.

A PoooliProtect hard case will protect your printer from scratches

I’m using a PoooliProtect Transparent Hard Case. It fits snugly around my printer and the hard shell protects the printer from any shocks or scratches. The hard case includes a lanyard for easy carrying.

The transparent hard case fits snugly on the printer and includes a lanyard for carrying

Removable magnetic beak

Are you curious about the little coloured beak and wonder if it has a purpose other than looking super cute? Well, it does! The little coloured beak is actually a removable magnet! You can use it to stick your to-do lists, notes and photos to the fridge. Cool, right?

Use the removable magnetic beak to attach notes to the fridge!

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I’m loving the endless possibilities for creativity with the Poooli Printer and thermal papers. I can’t wait to share more ideas with you!

If you would love a Poooli of your own, use the coupon code: SPACE15 to get 15% off at Poooli Print!

If you have a Poooli, share your projects with me on Instagram by tagging @spaceandquiet so we can swap ideas and stay inspired!

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