Free Printable Dot Grid Paper for Bullet Journaling – Ideal For A5 Ring-Bound Planners

Are you a Filofax or kikki.K lover, but want to make room for bullet journaling in your planner? My free printable dot grid paper is perfect for use in ring bound planners. Fill your whole planner, or just include a section with grid paper for collections, doodling or to-do lists! Join my free Planner Lovers Resource Library to download the complete set of printable A5 or Half Letter paper which includes dot grid, square grid and lined.

Free Printable A5 Dot Grid Paper for Bullet Journaling
Free printable dot grid paper is great when you’re practising bullet journaling, or for adding pages to your ring bound planner.

How to use your free printable dot grid paper

Download your chosen PDF file from the Planner Lovers Resource Library and print at 100% onto either A4/Letter or A5 size paper. Trim the paper if required. If you print the ‘2-up on A4 or Letter’ version, simply cut the paper in half for two A5 or half letter inserts. The A5 version is best used for printing directly onto A5 size paper. Using a page from your ring-bound planner as a template, mark where the holes need to be punched. Use a one-hole punch to make the holes.

Printable Grid paper ideal for A5 Ring Binder planners
Printable grid paper is ideal for use in A5 ring-bound planners.


Printable Square Grid Paper Ideal for Bullet Journaling
Try bullet journaling on printable square grid paper and dot grid paper to see which style you prefer!


Free printable grid paper - lined, dot and squared
Add a combination of lined, dot grid and square grid paper to your planner.

I’ve included square grid and lined paper too! All three styles can be combined and used throughout your planner giving you the flexibility to plan and journal any way you like.

If you haven’t tried bullet journaling yet, using printable grid paper is a great way to practice before investing in a notebook. Try out both the dot grid and square grid paper to see which style you prefer. You can also practice drawing banners, and hand-lettering headers, before adding the final designs to your notebook! Subscribe to my free Planner Lovers Resource Library to download the grid paper and lots more printable goodies.

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  1. Melissa says

    Hi Tracey,
    I’ve spent all day looking for dot/grid/and lined paper that would be dark enough that I could see them! And finally I found them on your site! (gorgeous site by the way!) The only catch is I live in Canada, and in Canada and USA we (unfortunately) use “Letter” sized paper (8 1/2″ x 11″), and “1/2 letter (8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″)”. I LOVE your website, and would love to present it at my bullet journal club next week, and was hoping that you might be able to create the dot/grid/lined paper, and put on your website for us (and other USA / Canadians!) Thanks so much (my fingers are crossed!)

    • Tracey Collins says

      Hi Melissa, I’m really happy to hear that the dot grid paper works well for you (other than the paper size!) I totally understand that sometimes it’s tricky to print the A4 documents onto letter size paper. I’m always keen to design printables that are as useful as possible so I really welcome your feedback. I’m more than happy to create a letter/half letter version of the dot grid paper – I will let have it available as soon as I can, and let you know. I would love to know more about your bullet journal club – sounds fun!

    • Tracey Collins says

      Hi Melissa,
      If you head to the Planner Lovers Resource Library you can now download the grid paper as Letter size documents. Each one contains 2 half letter pages so you can just trim the letter document in half.

      I hope the sizes are ok, and the printables are helpful!


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