6 Reasons why you should absolutely start Bullet Journaling today!

Wondering if you should start Bullet Journaling? I’m sharing six reasons why, in my opinion, Bullet Journaling is the best organisation system around, and why I recommend you absolutely start a Bullet Journal today! (If you haven’t heard about this awesome organisation system and you want to know more, read this post first.)

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Ok so this one is pretty obvious. However, the Bullet Journal is more than just an organiser or planner. Bullet Journaling is an organisation SYSTEM. It is this simple, yet structured, organisation SYSTEM that makes Bullet Journaling ACTUALLY WORK. Bullet Journaling has allowed me to become more organised, in all areas of my life, than ever before.


How many planners or diaries have you started, only to discover they didn’t quite fit your needs. Perhaps there wasn’t enough room for to-do lists, or anywhere to write notes. A Bullet Journal can be customised to include all of the lists, notes and plans that YOU need to keep YOUR life organised. By using the Bullet Journal Index you will never lose another set of notes again.


There’s no need for fancy planners, inserts or stickers. All you need to start Bullet Journaling is a note book and a pen.

Lots of creativity…or none at all

If you do love planner stickers, fancy borders, adding photos and doodling, the Bullet Journal is the perfect place to explore your creativity. Just search #bulletjournal on Instagram or follow my Bullet Journal Pinterest board to see just how creative you can get with a Bullet Journal. But remember, creativity is NOT essential to successful bullet journaling and often it’s the simplest lists, and layouts, that work best when it comes to good organisation.

Easy to carry and store

When Bullet Journaling you will have ONE note book for everything. One lightweight note book is easy to keep handy, fits perfectly in your bag, and even when you start a new journal, the old note books can be easily stored for future reference.

Memory keeping

Not only is the Bullet Journal the best way to keep plans and to-do lists organised, it is also the perfect place to record memories. This may include anything from a sentence a week, to a lengthy daily journal entry with pictures – whatever suits YOU.

I hope this has helped you in deciding if Bullet Journaling is the right organisational system for you. There’s one more great feature of the Bullet Journal that you will love – you can start any day of the week, any time of the year! Remember to check out this post if you’re new to bullet journaling, or head to the Bullet Journal website.

Why you should absolutely start a bullet journal


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