Free Printable Bullet Journal Tracker : Track Your Moods And Gratitude Practice

Keeping up to date with mood and habit tracking in the bullet journal can be a challenge. To simplify things, I’ve designed a tracker that combines both gratitude and mood tracking in one printable. You can download this printable bullet journal tracker for free from my Planner Lovers Resource Library!

Bullet journal gratitude and mood tracker
Download a printable bullet journal tracker from my free Planner Lovers Resource Library. Assorted sizes available!

Track your moods and gratitude practice with this printable bullet journal tracker

Save time by tracking both your moods and gratitude practice in one place! Download a printable mood and gratitude tracker in a size to suit your planner or notebook, from the free Planner Lovers Resource Library. (You can join here for free if you’re not a member yet.)

Choose from A4, A5, Letter, Half Letter and Classic Happy Planner size. Print onto regular copy paper or adhesive paper.

Colour in the mandalas on the page for decoration if you like!

Use this printable bullet journal tracker to track both moods and gratitude!
Use this printable bullet journal tracker to track both moods and gratitude!
Printable bullet journal tracker for moods and gratitude
Printable bullet journal tracker – track moods, practice gratitude and colour-in the mandalas!

Using the mood tracker

Keeping track of your moods in a bullet journal is a wonderful way to gain insight into the relationship between moods and emotions, sleep, health and wellbeing. I wrote more about the benefits of mood tracking in this post. Track your moods on this printable bullet journal tracker, by following the steps below:

  1. Choose up to eight moods that you would like to track and write them in the spaces provided
  2. Select a colour to represent each of these moods and colour in the corresponding circles
  3. Starting at number 1 on the tracker, colour in a segment of the outer circle each day, using the colour that best represents your mood.

Using the gratitude tracker

Taking the time to pay attention to, and be thankful for, the good things in your life will give your happiness and wellbeing a boost! I wrote more about cultivating a gratitude practice, and the benefits of gratitude, in this post.

If you struggle to make practising gratitude a daily habit, this tracker makes it super simple. Follow these two steps to complete your daily gratitude practice:

  1. Take a moment to pause, and reflect on what you are grateful for. It doesn’t have to be something big!
  2. Starting at number 1, write one to two words inside a segment of the large circle, that best describe what, or who, you are grateful for.

That’s it! Your gratitude practice (and mood tracking) is done.

Review the results of your mood tracking at the end of every month to look for patterns emerging.

Check-in with your completed gratitude tracker any time you need a little happiness boost!


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