Free Printable Bullet Journal Daily Log Template Plus Tips For Designing Your Daily Log

Want to get creative, and add a personal touch to your bullet journal daily log? If you have the time, creating a daily log layout, suited just to your needs, can be lots of fun. You can include things like meal planners, mini trackers, water intake, brain dump, to-do list or appointments. Designing a layout that works well usually involves some trial and error. A printable daily log template can take away some of the work, and provide you with a great base to start creating your own personal layout. I receive lots of questions and requests about my own daily log layout, so I’ve turned it into a printable template that you can use too! I’m also sharing ideas for using this layout, and tips for how to create your own bullet journal daily log.

Printable Bullet journal daily log template
Download this printable bullet journal daily log from my free Planner Lovers Resource Library.

Five reasons to personalise your bullet journal daily log layout!

It does take a little more time and effort to create a personalised daily log in your bullet journal, but here’s five reasons why it’s totally worth it…

1. It becomes a beautiful visual journal

Flipping back through completed pages is SO much more enjoyable when you have a journal full of colourful, creative layouts. Important pages catch your eye, everything is easier to read and reflect on, and it is super satisfying. A journal created this way contains more of ‘you’ and becomes even more of a keepsake than one just filled with lists and simple logs.

2. You can include all the important stuff

A bullet journal daily log starts as a blank page. This means you have complete flexibility when setting it up. It’s perfectly ok to just write a simple list of tasks, events and ideas. But why not take advantage of the blank page and create your ideal journal layout (the one you wish all those other diaries and planners had!) When you design a daily log layout for your bullet journal, you can include everything that is important to you, in a way that allows you to feel organised and in control of your life.

3. It’s easier to read at a glance

When all of your daily tasks, events, appointments, logs, trackers and notes are laid out in an organised way that works perfectly for you, the important stuff is easier to find and keep track of. Different categories stand out, you know exactly where to look for something on the page, and you’ll be able to locate previous entries faster.

4. You’ll get more done

Including things like a water intake log, meal planner, wellness tracker or brain dump on your daily log can serve as a great reminder of what needs to be achieved daily. Often daily habits can be forgotten if they are not in front of you on your daily log every day. Creating a special space to jot down notes, appointments, or work tasks can help you to prioritise and get more done.

5. It’s a great creative outlet

A personalised bullet journal daily log is the best way to get creative in your journal. Create banners and borders, use fancy hand-lettering, draw and doodle! Enjoy the process and let your own creativity and personal style shine through.

Create a personalised Bullet journal daily log
Create a personalised Bullet journal daily log with everything important to you.

How I use my bullet journal daily log

My bullet journal daily log is quite simple. It includes:

  • day and date
  • brain dump
  • mini meal planner
  • to-do list
  • mini ‘wellness’ tracker/checklist
  • space for doodling and/or notes

These areas are my top daily priorities. There’s plenty more I could add, but including these particular areas on my daily log helps me to stay organised, and prioritise what is most important.


Obviously, this is essential and doesn’t require any explaining! However, I want to mention that it is a great place to get creative. When writing the day and date on my daily log I practice different lettering techniques, add colour, and experiment with different styles.

Brain Dump

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m a big fan of the brain dump. I’ve written about it in more depth here and here. I love to use this technique daily to clear my mind, reduce overwhelm, and stay focused on the most important, or pressing tasks.

Mini Food/Meal Planner

I keep a larger, more detailed weekly meal plan on my fridge. This mini size planner on my daily log is used more for planning snacks and baking. I don’t normally plan these ahead of time, instead, I fill in my mini planner as I check my schedule for the day. I use the space to jot down healthy after-school snack ideas, to motivate me to stick to a daily goal of baking or preparing something homemade and healthy.

To-Do List

This section of my daily log works just like a regular bullet journal daily log. I use a simple bullet to indicate open tasks and put a cross through the bullet when the task has been completed. I migrate these tasks as per regular bullet journaling. If I have notes or events I usually add these towards the bottom of the To-Do List box.

Mini Wellness Tracker and Checklist

My health and wellness is a top priority. This section of my daily log serves as a reminder, as well as a way to track my progress. It also allows me to ‘check-in’ with myself and reflect on how I’m feeling.

Space for Drawing and Doodling

Ok, this is not an essential part of my day, and I admit that some days I simply don’t have time to draw cute stuff on my pages! But when I do have the time I absolutely love getting creative and adding some hand-drawn illustrations and decorations. It adds colour, and a real personal touch to the page. Plus it gives me a chance to practice my drawing. To help me stay focused, and practice drawing particular subjects, I created a list of drawing prompts.

How to design and use a personalised bullet journal daily log
Use my free printable bullet journal daily log template to create your own daily log layout.

How to turn daily logging into a ritual

If you’re worried you won’t have time to create your personalised layout every day, turning your daily logging into a ‘ritual’ can really help. Any type of daily logging, journaling or planning can help you to become more organised and productive, reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm, and improve your wellbeing. These are good reasons to prioritise your daily logging and make it an essential part of every day.

Set aside a particular time to fill in your daily log. Choose a time when you are least likely to be distracted. Relax and allow yourself to enjoy this time. Reflect on what you have achieved on previous days, and what you would like to achieve today. Journal, write down ideas, plan meals, de-clutter your mind with a brain dump, and write down your most pressing tasks. If your bullet journal is your creative outlet, or you would like it to be, give yourself permission to spend time on it, without feeling guilty.

Use my free printable bullet journal daily log template
My bullet journal daily log includes a mini meal planner and mini wellness tracker!

Tips for designing your own daily log

Know your daily priorities What do you need to log, track or plan, each day, in order to become more organised, improve productivity, and live each day with intention? These are the areas you should include in your daily log.

Keep it simple Don’t try to include everything you see other bullet journalers using. Really narrow it down and only include the things that will make a difference in your day. If you know you will be short on time, design a simple layout that is quick to re-create. Use basic headers, boxes and borders to highlight different trackers, lists etc.

Keep supplies handy If you have specific pens or markers that you use to create your daily log, store them with your journal, in a case that is easy to tote around. Keep any page or banner templates handy, for example in the back pocket of your journal. Organising your supplies will make it easier to stick to your daily logging routine.

Experiment If something isn’t working, don’t fret. Simply remove that element from your layout and try something new. Often something we think will improve our productivity will turn out to be a hindrance. Treat your daily logging as an experiment. Allow your layout to evolve as you learn what really works for you.

How to use your free printable daily log template

Subscribe to my free Planner Lovers Resource Library to download a printable daily log template. Open the PDF file and print at 100% onto A4 or Letter size paper. Use elements of the template as inspiration for your own design, or trace the complete layout straight onto your journal page. Alternatively, trim the page to A5 size, punch, and insert into your planner. Or print straight on to adhesive paper to create a sticker!


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