Empty your mind with a daily Brain Dump, plus free Bullet Journal printable

Performing a daily brain dump is a great way to empty the mind of thoughts, worries and to-dos. When we’re busy our minds become cluttered which leads to stress and overwhelm. We are unable to think clearly or work productively. Introducing a simple ‘brain dump’ exercise into your morning or evening ritual can really help. All that is required is a notebook, or sheet of paper, and a pen. It’s an exercise that works really well with Bullet Journaling. To help you get started I have added printable versions of the layouts that I use each day in my Bullet Journal to my Planner Lovers Resource Library.

how to declutter the mind with a daily brain dump

Free printable Bullet Journal task planner

A daily brain dump to empty the mind

Spend 5 to 10 minutes every morning, or evening, writing down everything that is on your mind. Don’t think about it, just write. It really helps to ‘dump’ all of your worries and thoughts onto paper. Notice how you feel afterwards. Do you feel relieved or perhaps calmer? It doesn’t matter if you brain dump in the morning, or the evening. Done in the morning when you are fresh from sleep, a brain dump will give you a clear outline of what needs to be done. You can start the day off on a positive note. A brain dump done the last thing at night helps you to release worries and calm the mind, allowing you to sleep better. You will start the day with a clear mind and purpose.

How to create a daily brain dump ritual

Three important tasks and a daily gratitude practice

As well as my daily brain dump, I use this time to work out what I need to get done. Reviewing what I wrote down during my brain dump helps me to determine my top 3 tasks for the day.  I write down these tasks, in my bullet journal, with big stars beside them! Underneath I include any other tasks I would like to complete if there’s time. I have found that making just three tasks a priority really helps me stay focused. To finish, I spend a few minutes writing down a few words about the things I’m grateful for. Practising gratitude means taking the time to notice the things around us that we are thankful for. People who regularly practice gratitude experience more positive emotions feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness and have stronger immune systems. Learn more about brain dumping, simplifying your daily tasks and practising gratitude in the book, Destination Simple. I wrote more about this simple, inspiring, book here.

Free bullet journal printable layouts

Download the free bullet journal layouts by clicking on the link at the bottom and accessing my free Planner Lovers Resource Library. One A4 document contains both the ‘Daily Brain Dump’ and ‘Daily Tasks/Gratitude’ layout. Open the PDF file and print at 100% on either regular copy paper or adhesive paper to make stickers. Cut the pages out by trimming just inside the pale grey lines to remove them. Stick the pages straight into your planner or notebook, use them as templates, or as inspiration for your own hand-drawn layout.

Please note: printable files are © Tracey Collins. Digital files cannot be shared or redistributed online or in print. Files are for personal use only and cannot be used for sale or profit. I am more than happy for you to feature this printable on your blog or social media pages, but you must provide your readers with a link back to this post to download the file. Thank you!


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  1. Anne says

    Just a note to thank you. I looked at several places on Pinterest & yours was Great for me to start my journal. I’m looking forward to downloading the templates.

    Thank you again for your inspirations.


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