Nature Theme Bullet Journal Monthly Set Up Plus Free Printable Nature Illustrations

Nature is one of my all-time favourite bullet journal themes! With so much inspiration all around us, and plenty of ideas on Pinterest, nature is a great theme to incorporate into your bullet journal layouts. I recently used nature as my inspiration when designing a cover page, calendar, monthly log, habit trackers and weekly spreads for my bullet journal. In this article I’m sharing how I created the pages for my nature theme bullet journal monthly set up. Plus, you can download a printable page of nature theme doodles and ideas from my free Planner Lovers Resource Library.

Nature theme bullet journal cover page idea

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Getting started: nature theme doodles and ideas

Before designing the pages for my bullet journal monthly set up, I made a list of nature inspired decorations to draw. This included things like birds, leaves, flowers and bees. You can download my page of nature theme doodles and ideas from the Planner Lovers Resource Library!

Free printable nature theme bullet journal doodles!

I also considered the colours that I thought would best represent nature, such as green, blue, yellow and orange. I chose some suitable colours from my collection of Zebra Mildliner Markers and Tombow Brush Markers. Plus a roll of washi tape with a yellow-green polka dot pattern, from my stash.

Nature Theme Bullet Journal Cover Page

To create a nature theme bullet journal monthly cover page, I used pencil to sketch the vine, bird and leaves. Once I was happy with the illustration, I drew over the pencil using a black fineliner pen, rubbing out any leftover pencil marks with an eraser.

Bullet journal cover page hand drawn using brush markers and fineliner pen.
Bujo August cover page with bird illustration

Next, I hand-lettered the words ‘hello august’ using brush pens and a black fineliner pen. Using a combination of markers and pencils, I coloured in the bird and leaves. To complete the page, I added strips of washi tape to create a border.

Monthly bullet journal calendar with nature theme

A monthly calendar is not essential for bullet journaling, but it can be a useful addition to your monthly set up. I used two pages to create my calendar and allowed room for notes and a list of monthly tasks. Before drawing up your calendar, I recommend sketching it out on scrap paper first so you know where everything will fit.

Nature theme bullet journal monthly calendar.

Dot grid paper is really helpful when designing a calendar. Use the dots as a guide to help you measure boxes and rule the lines. One benefit of drawing your own monthly calendar is choosing whether to start the week on a Sunday or Monday!

To create my bullet journal calendar I drew everything in pencil first and then traced over the pencil with black fineliner. To finish, I used markers and coloured pencils to colour in the illustrations. I continued the use of polka dot washi tape as a border along the bottom.

Journal Decorating ‘Quick Tips’:

Quick Tip 1: If you prefer to use a printable blank calendar, try this printable two page monthly calendar template. It takes the hassle out of drawing a design from scratch!

Quick Tip 2: If illustration is not your thing, print your own nature themed stickers using the Poooli Pocket Printer! With the Poooli Printer, it’s easy to print any photo, image or text, straight from your phone’s camera roll. Learn more about using the Poooli Pocket printer to decorate your bullet journal in this post.

Poooli Printer printing mandala sticker
Make bullet journal stickers with Poooli Pocket Printer!

Nature theme bullet journal habit tracker and monthly log

Including a habit tracker in your bullet journal is a great way to keep track of both good and bad habits! You’ll develop an awareness of how these habits affect your wellbeing, encouraging you to make positive lifestyle changes.

Each day, check off a box to indicate which habits you did or didn’t complete. Review your results at the end of the month to see what worked and what didn’t. Check out this post to learn more about using habit tracking to improve your health and wellbeing.

Nature theme bullet journal spread with habit tracker and monthly log.

In my nature theme set-up, I used mini habit trackers to keep track of my meditation and exercise sessions. To create similar habit trackers, try these printable Mini Habit Trackers!

Mini habit trackers to keep track of my meditation and exercise sessions.

Nature theme bullet journal monthly log

A monthly log is a brief list of the events that happened throughout the month. You can add appointments and events to your monthly log ahead of time, or log them after the event has occured. The monthly log gives you an overview of the month that was, and can be a useful page to look back on in the future.

Bullet journal monthly log with a simple nature theme.

I used a single page for my monthly log. The design is clean and simple with plenty of room for writing. This was a quick and easy page to set up, with just a heading, list of dates on one side and a couple of illustrations to tie in with my nature theme.

Beginner Hand Lettering Tip:

If you’re a hand lettering beginner, write your headings on a loose sheet of paper instead of in your bullet journal. This allows you to practice until you are happy with the letter forms. Cut out your best lettering and stick it straight into your bullet journal. No pages wasted!

Mood tracking and gratitude spread

A colouring in mood tracker is always good fun to fill in during the month! Choose an image to colour in over the month, and allocate a colour to each mood you would like to track. Each day, colour in a segment of the image with the colour that best represents your mood that day. For my nature theme mood tracker, I chose a pot plant with plenty of large leaves. To add more shapes to colour in, I decorated the pot with triangles and drew a butterfly. This gave me thirty one segments to colour in.

Bullet journal colour-in mood tracker and daily gratitude practice.

To create a monthly gratitude page with a nature theme I drew thirty one leaves; one for each day of the month. This gave me space to write down something, or someone, I was grateful for every day. Check out this post to learn more about the benefits of practicing gratitude.

Bullet journal weekly spread with nature theme

One of the benefits of creative bullet journaling is the opportunity to create a journal layout that works just right for you! When designing your weekly layout, first make a list of everything you would like to include. Next, sketch out some layout ideas on scrap paper to see how you can fit your favourite elements on the page.

Bullet journal weekly spread decorated in a nature theme.

In this bullet journal weekly spread I included:

  • Mini monthly calendar
  • Top three to-do’s/priorities
  • Weekly to do list
  • Inspiring quote
  • Space to write each day of the week
Bullet journal weekly spread with cute bird on a branch illustration!
Nature theme weekly spread with lady bugs.

By repeating the same simple layout for each week, it was quick and easy to draw the basic weekly layout for the whole month. Once the basic layouts were penciled-in, I added nature themed illustrations and quotes to each weekly spread.

Nature theme bullet journal weekly pages with flower and bee illustrations.

Once I felt happy with the design of each weekly spread, I drew over the pencil lines with a black fineliner pen. Finally, I added colour using coloured pencils and markers.

Nature theme bullet journal weekly log.

Free printable nature theme bullet journal doodles!

I have designed a printable sheet filled with a collection of simple, nature themed, illustrations and doodles.

Download the PDF for free from my Planner Lovers Resource Library. Use it as inspiration for your nature theme bullet journal monthly set up!

Trace the images straight into your bullet journal, cut them out and make stickers, or use the images as inspiration for your own illustrations!

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